A Guide To Successful Remote Working For Your Business

There has been a real trend in remote working and home working over recent years. However, with the recent coronavirus lockdown and people still working remotely, businesses are seeing that perhaps a large and expensive central office is not as necessary as it used to be. Not only does remote working save businesses money, but it also helps employees gain a better work-life balance.

However, if you are looking to move towards a distributed workforce with colleagues working from home, then you need to ensure that the right technologies are in place. Adopting a system of unified communications is essential in creating successful remote working for your business.

In this blog post we have put together a guide to help you create successful remote working for your business.

Remote Team Building

Many people work better with others, as opposed to working alone. As a team we come together to become more effective. However, teamwork requires team mentality. The team mentality builds as we get to know each other. This is why communication and collaboration solutions must be prioritised when looking to create successful remote working in your business. Without the ability to talk quickly and easily, the team mentality can be stilted, and it will take longer to build the team culture you dream of to succeed.

Not Just Desks

It isn’t just desks and laptops that your team need to be able to successful from home. Your team will need access to shared systems such as email, calendars and document storage, even the phone system. It’s important to note that your team may not have the same set up at home as they have in the office. It’s unlikely they will have a dedicated phone on their desk, for example. Your employees will need to same levels of access at home, as they had in the office. While you may need to supply some employees with equipment, all of your employees will need the technology to be able to work together, remotely.

Is Remote Working Here to Stay?

While remote working seems to have become a fallback for the unexpected overnight, it was rapidly growing in popularity before the COVID-19 outbreak. Modern employees expect a greater level of flexibility at work with home working provisions from their employers. In fact, research shows that 85% of millennial workers want to telecommute 100% of the time.

If you don’t have the systems and technology in place to enable your team to work from home, could you risk losing the best talent in your business to your competition?

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