When Did You Last Upgrade Your Phone System?

Did you know that your aging phone system could be costing you more than you think? If you last upgraded your phone system over a few years ago, we definitely need to have a chat as we could save you money.

We may find that you have higher resource costs. You may also have higher maintenance costs or costly infrastructure costs. Dependent on when you last upgraded your phone system, you may even be paying for features that are outdated or no longer available. You may have limited mobility capabilities or fragmented applications and tools with your old phone system, that you are still paying for.

Why not consider a cloud phone system to upgrade your phone system and save you money too?

Our cloud phone system delivers a fully featured, enterprise grade communication solution that is suitable for companies of any size. This solution is provided in a secure and private cloud environment.

By having a managed cloud communications system through Officehost Cloud Solutions, we can help you avoid the high costs of an outdated phone system.

What happens when your old phone system warranty expires?

When the warranty expires for your old phone system, the options for repairing it become limited. You may have a maintenance contract in place, or you could pay for time and materials. However, if the is the manufacturer stops providing replacement parts you could be stuck hunting online to try and source used parts. The worry with second-hand parts is then how long they will last until you need to replace the parts again.

What about if you need to scale your phone system up or down?

Businesses are always changing. The scaling up and scaling down of a business is normal, as is expanding or moving locations. Therefore, you need a communications partner you can trust, someone that will support you in your growth and changes. You may find with your old phone system supplier charges extra fees for configuration changes to your phone system. The costs for redundant equipment can be costly too. With a managed cloud communications system these additional costs don’t exist. We can easily manage your moves, add-ons and changes for you, at no extra cost.

What’s Holding You Back?

Many business owners have been putting off moving to the cloud as they want to focus on other parts of the business. You’re not alone in your concerns that moving to the cloud will take time and cause stress. However, that’s really not the case. Here at Officehost Cloud Solutions we can be your expert support partner. We will move your phone system to the cloud for you, to allow you to focus on the other parts of your business. Call us now to find out more about the cloud communication solutions we can offer your business.

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