Remote Monitoring and Management

Why Do I Need Remote Monitoring And Management?

Here at Officehost Cloud Solutions we offer a wide range of IT services to businesses. We want to help our clients get the most from the IT services, but also have a clear understanding of what the different services are and why they need them.

In this blog post we look at RMM, also known as Remote Monitoring and Management. We explain what it is and why you may need it for your business.

What is Remote Monitoring and Management?

Remote monitoring and management is the process in which the endpoints of multiple clients are tracked, monitored and managed. RMM is more traditionally used by managed service providers, also known as MSPs). They use RMM to provide IT services to organisations that outsource their IT requirements.

There are two basic solutions that are required to start a Managed Service Provider business (MSP business). These are an RMM tool and a professional services automation tool, known as a PSA. When it comes to choosing the best RMM and PSA combination for your business is a whole new subject. If this is something you are considering, we recommend you give us a call.

Why Do I Need Remote Monitoring and Management?

It can be very challenging to manage an IT environment that is made up of a selection of laptops, servers, smartphones and desktops. However, when you are then managing all this equipment across the country or even across different continents – it can become very tricky indeed. When you are tracking thousands of IT assets it can be incredibly stressful. While you might find it easier to visit the client location and troubleshoot the issue, when the IT issues are across the continent this is not an easy or cost-effective solution.

This would be why you would need a remote monitoring and management tool. This can help managed service provider businesses automate regular tasks but also monitor client’s networks in real time too. By having a remote monitoring and management tool, as a managed service provider business, you would be able to provide a seamless and proactive IT service to your clients. This would be much better than a break-fix style model. Since a remote monitoring and management tool allows businesses to manage and monitor their client’s endpoints remotely, it means the managed service provider businesses can not only improve their efficiency but also increase their revenue.

What Are The Benefits Of Remote Monitoring And Management?

Lots of benefits are available to managed service provider businesses through a remote monitoring and management tool. For example, you can manage thousands of endpoints for hundreds of clients, all from one place. You will also be able to offer your clients’ an extra layer of protection with via malware and other zero-day attacks through patch management.  You’ll have the ability to cut down on expenses and time leakage during client visits because you can fix issues remotely. Regular tasks can be automated which will help save time while improving efficiency.

You will be able to discover and track all hardware and software, which will make auditing and management easier for you and your clients. The lifespan of your client’s assets can be extended, and you can help cut costs for clients by managing their licenses for them. You will notice a decrease in client’s downtime for minor issues too. With all these benefits you will be able to improve your customer loyalty and satisfaction. In turn, this will help with your MSP Net Promoter Score.

Remote Monitoring and Management Overview

The managed service market is growing at around 9% per year and looks to reach USD 282 billion by 2023. If you are looking for a client management tool that is designed for MSPs then we have the tool for you. Want to know more; call us now.

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